Memorizing PCH

Memorizing PCH


India Ink, Oil Pastel, Mixed Media on Arches ‘Buff’ 250gsm Paper
30 x 44 Inches


I provoke myself from time to time to document experiences close to me, to re-count moments and respond emotionally. I want to take that moment one step further. Rather than briefly thinking of a moment then shelving it, I wonder how I can add permeance. I approached this piece with that in mind. 

There seems to be a similar criteria when I think about an experience. The common factors usually involve an audio / visual narrative of an occurrence, at times intoxicated by a person, place, thing, sound or reaction. Other times a sentence or phrase - all commonly creating my mood. Other, more abstract forms of memory and emotions are directly linked to geography, weather, light, music, scent etc. usually accompanied by physical interaction with these environments. 

‘Memorizing PCH’ is a reflection on a mood I can conjure that gives me a deep sense of nostalgia. Thinking back to the time I submerging my self in bodies of water, avoiding wind, perching on canyon cliffs, damp rubber, hard shoulders, expired meters, static piers, all to a treble-hi soundtrack, smelling the slight gasoline tinge navigating through the evening fog of a lopsided, costal landscape.

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